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There's always lots going on in Southern Oxfordshire. Below you'll find up to date information about the latest tourism news, event and exhibition announcements and detailed information to help make the most of your visit. 
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Wallingford, Alfred's Burh: Danes to Domesday (Full Article)

Prestigious conference will mark 40th anniversary of The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society

This year The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS) celebrates its 40th birthday by organising  a prestigious conference to mark the occasion. This year's conference is titled "Wallingford, Alfred's Burh: Danes to Domesday" and will be making public the most recent research on Wallingford's history.

The last eight years have seen major advances in understanding the importance of Wallingford's role as a royal Saxon and Medieval stronghold. TWHAS are privileged to have a group of speakers who are the most eminent in their various fields. They will be setting Wallingford in the wider national context to which it belongs.

It is expected that there will be a strong demand for tickets for this event, and so good advance notice of this event is being given locally. The conference will be held on Sat 5th October at the Methodist Church Centre. Tickets are only available in advance, and flyers/booking forms are available at the Museum, Library or Town Information Centre.


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